Caterpillars and Chicks


We are very excited in Year R as our caterpillars and eggs have arrived!

We are enjoying watching the caterpillars move and grow.  In another few days they will harden into chrysalides- and we will move them to their hatching habitat.  One to two weeks later they will have made the amazing transformation into butterflies!  We will be able to watch them for a few days, feeding them slices of fruit and sugared water.  After a couple of days of observation we hope to release them into the school grounds.

18 hen’s eggs arrived yesterday from the farm.   We have placed them into an incubator, to keep the chick embryos cosy and warm as they develop.  We hope that in about 3 weeks time we will have baby chicks!

The Year R children are being very responsible with our caterpillars and eggs- well done.  We are really looking forward to carefully holding a baby chick before they return to the farm.  We are learning about Spring and new life and we went for a walk in the Glade and found lots of signs that Spring is on the way.


Dory Travels the World Learning Unit


At the start of last half term, Dory turned up in our classroom with a bag of ‘things’. On closer inspection, we discovered that Dory had been to London and had brought back photos of her visiting the main London landmarks, photos of the queen, a teddy bear from Harrods, books about Paddington the bear and a Union Jack Flag among other things. This sparked our interest in London and we tried to find out more about London and the rest of the UK by looking in books, watching videos and investigating maps and atlases. We also set up a London gift shop role play area where we could buy and sell London souvenirs that we had made.

Over the rest of the half term, Dory continued to disappear and reappear each week after travelling around the world and other countries and continents that she visited included France, Africa, China and India. We continued to investigate each part of the world through Dory’s artefacts, books, videos, visitors, maps and set up and used a range of role play areas including a travel agents and a Chinese restaurant.

Each week we also created a new piece of art work which we put together in a ‘sketchbook’ to take home and share with parents during our end of unit work share. We have also been focussing on reading and writing words and short sentences in phonics and solving simple addition and subtraction problems and learning the names for 3D shapes in maths.

Below are some photographs of some of our learning throughout the learning unit, we hope you enjoy looking through them!





Thank you to all parents who attended our phonics information meeting, I have updated the ‘Phonics Information’ tab to the left with the information booklet and slideshow and you can also follow links to various websites and information videos. If you were unable to attend, we can arrange a time after school when I can go through the resources and information with you.

We have been continuing with the scheme this week and have started ‘Word Time’ when the children have been reading and making green words with the sounds that we have learned so far. They were all very excited to  read their first words at school!



Key notices and dates


Below are a few new key dates for this half term that have been added since the curriculum news was sent home. Please can we have now have a full PE kit in school for all children, as next Tuesday we will be getting changed into our whole kit for PE.

Monday 3rd October – the harvest festival at St Margaret’s Church – All children will need wellies and jacket appropriate for the weather on the day. All children are also invited to bring in food donations for the local food banks.

Tuesday 4th October – phonics meeting for parents in the school hall at 2.45pm

Wednesday 5th October – sponsored bounce to raise funds for the school

Thursday 13th October – show and tell – all children can bring in one toy or item to share with the class

Settling In!


We have now had three weeks at school and have all settled really well! We have made new friends, learned new names and have been shown where everything is around school.

Our current learning unit is called ‘All About Me’ and so far we have looked at our baby photos, talked about our bodies, painted self portraits, drawn our families, talked about our favourite things, measured ourselves, investigated our fingerprints and much more! We also really enjoyed our first walk to the Glade, when we explored the area and found lots of signs of autumn. Over the next few weeks, we will continue to think about how animals, plants and humans grow, investigate our senses and continue to make and add to our ‘All About Me’ boxes.

In phonics, we have been working hard to practise our letter formation in our phonics books, as well as writing the letters/sounds that we have learned in sand, rice, water, paint and more. We have also had lots of revision of saying the sounds and have even started to use our sound knowledge to blend and read some words. Parents are welcome along to our Phonics Meeting next Tuesday 4th October at 2.45 in the school hall. Please let me know if you are unable to attend so that we can make other arrangements if necessary.

In maths, we have been continuing to develop our number recognition and counting skills to 20 and beyond and have demonstrated great ability with shape, space and measure through our building and other activities.We will continue to really master our maths knowledge and skills through our play and adult-led sessions.

Here are some photos of our time so far…